Since 2004, OraWorldMandala began to implement its theoretical model to create its own Laboratory at the Ahimsa Shodh Sansthan (Peace Research Centre) of the Gujarat Vidyapith (a University founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920 and where he was the Chancellor for all his life).

We provide below some information about the University which is our base from where we are operational throughout the world.

The Gujarat Vidyapith started as Rashtriya (National) Institution for Education and it was the first of its kind established in the wake of the movement of non-cooperation and struggle for India’s Independence.

The historical Dandi Salt March was organized during March- April 1930. As a sequel to that the ‘Satyagraha’ intensified in the whole country. Vidyapith students and teachers offered Satyagraha too. Hence during 1930 – 1935 Vidyapith was closed down. The academic programmes were resumed in 1935 and continued until 1942 when in August 1942, a clarion call of ‘do or die’ was given. It came to be known as ‘Quit India’ movement. Vidyapith teachers and students once again responded and the university was closed between 1942 and 1945.

Work resumed with the opening of Mahadev Desai College of Social Service (Social Service School Mahadev Desai) in 1947 with eight students. Mahadev Desai was Gandhi’s personal secretary from 1917 until his death in 1944. His Son, Shri Narayan Desai was Chancellor until March 7, 2015, and now the post is being honored by Dr. Ela Bhatt, the world renowned leader of self-employed and dignified livelihood seeking women workers. Considering the national and international importance of the values-oriented educational experiments of the Gujarat Vidyapith, the Government of India declares it as University in 1963.

Presently, Gujarat Vidyapith is a centre for higher education and also an institution managing pre-school to higher secondary schools. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programmes in more than 35 courses. The primary objective of the Vidyapith is to educate children and youth with Basic Education principles and methods. This, in short, means education for heart, hand and head against the usual intellect developing education practiced all over. Gujarat Vidyapith has a strong component of student and teacher interface with communities in villages and in urban areas too. Gujarat Vidyapith also conducts village walks and other extension programmes regularly. It offers short duration diploma courses to national and international students. The overarching vision and mission of the Gujarat Vidyapith is to orient, sensitize and educate youth for reconstruction of non-violence society celebrating harmony.

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