Model of Education

The Model of Education is composed of two main stages. In the first stage, the artistic representation of the five elements (Mandala) is the inspiration adopted to reach a state of communal unity.

This stage of the peace process is defined as ‘Reconciliation towards Ahimsa’. The artistic action – the offering of soil, fire, water, air and space – is the principal representation of the participatory theatre for Peace and active Nonviolence.

The script of the action is the result of the dialogue established among groups or communities who are experiencing different types of social conflicts. Through the dialogue, their members become the main actors of the artistic representations and their children the set designers of the scenes.

The creation of each artistic representation suggests the following main steps:

  • analysis of social conflicts
  • interaction with local educational systems
  • building bridges with the civil society
  • construction of a common platform
  • co-creation of the artistic representations
  • design of the sets created by the children

Each step implies constant research and fieldwork.

Artistic Representations of the Mandala

Example – Mandala in Ahmedabad

Example – Mandala in Real de Catorce

Since the beginning of the peace process OraWorldMandala is training the children as well as the teachers and parents to create the settings for the artistic representations. The training consists in understanding the interdependence among all beings through the five elements and creating works of art related to this subject. The works of art are used as scenes of the actions.

Some Settings Created by the Children
for the Scenes of the Participatory Theatre

Teaching Tools for the Creation of the Settings